Sunday, March 30, 2008

Opening Day

In the first podcast, the hosts discuss Mark Prior, Reed Johnson, Dusty Baker and the ghost of Neifi Perez. Send them an e-mail at


DCE said...

Even though I am not a Cubs fan, I enjoyed this first week.
One thing, no one even mentioned Kosuke Fukudome... so far the biggest move in all of baseball.

Son of Geoff Comb said...

Great Wins for both teams, Kosuke and A.J. players of the week so far, but more importantly does anyone have a dvd copy of "Cool as Ice"

Cubs Baseball Fancast said...

dce: Thanks for the kind words. The Fukudome move was gigantic. After seeing him in an impressive first week of competitive games, the following week's cast turned out very Fukudome-centric.

son of geoff comb: I'm not sure if "Cool as Ice" is on dvd at this time, but "Lose the zero, get with the hero", is a great line.